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The company Chemtreat driven by the need to be part of the solution rather than the problem has chosen the path of innovation by forming a company called Eco Earth Solutions which manufactures a range of sustainable materials that is destined to be a game changer in the construction, architecture and interior designing industries. We feature here three of their products.

Plumaplank is an engineered composite thermoplastic board that is an outright winner in the competitive arena of other natural shuttering plywood products. Strong and dimensionally stable, these boards are ideal replacements for steel sheets, plywood and other conventional flat boards. It affords infinite repeat uses as against a dismal average of 10 to 15 times with regular shuttering plywood.


Woody Lenosa is a wood and plastic composite. It offers extreme versatility and is remarkably durable. This sustainable material is another product of cutting-edge innovation. Anything that natural wood can do, WoodyLenosa can do and more. Available in block, plank and flat board, Woody Lenosa can match any regular wood and plywood, application. Mill it, drill it, sand it, saw it, hollow it out, plane it; you can machine it any way you like. Chances are you will never miss wood ever again!

Celeste is a marble and granite alternative with an unmatched homogeneity and availability in a sheer mind boggling variety of colours and patterns. Unlike natural stone, it comes in all shades and colours with the significant advantage of no colour variation per order. Whether it’s to decorate floors, top kitchen platforms, style aesthetically vibrant modular kitchens, or be used as wall cladding in lobbies, hotels, airports, etc., it is a product way above par and offered in innovative and chic designs.


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